Release 0.67

Modifiers improvement: skip the mandatory selection

If you are selling cappuccinos with different milk types, but most of your cappuccino sales have the same milk type, then this tiny improvement to the product modifier might be for you! You can set the modifier pop-up to:

  • Never show
  • Show with mandatory option selection
  • Show and allow to skip option selection 

Refer a business

Know any business that would love to work with Tebi? Head to the Tebi back office, go to the Referral form and let us know their details. Our sales team will follow up with you both!

Fixes & improvements

  • Report an issue with a sale. Sometimes stuff doesn’t go as planned. From today,  you can report an issue by accessing the three-dot menu from each sale and looking for ‘Report an issue’. (Please note that we will also need an e-mail with further details at if you want hear back from us on the issue you reported.)
  • Expanded the Day Overview report, showing more insights about your business like the first and last order time. Additionally, in the app, you can dive deeper into the sales and transactions that make up your totals for the business day.
  • Added products with modifiers in the product report.
  • Note on Sale. Communicating with your team about customer allergies and preferences is important. From today, in Tebi, you have the possibility to add a note to each sale. Extended and additional functionalities regarding internal communication are coming to Tebi in mid-May.