The All-in-One App for Independent Businesses

Our Mission

Independent businesses are essential to communities. Tebi is a super-app for hospitality and retail, bringing incredible value at low cost and saving business owners precious time that is better spent with family & friends.

Tebi is…

Built For Business Owners, By Business Owners

The interests of independent business owners are what guides our product. Many of the people in our team have a background as entrepreneurs, and we are dedicated to making Tebi an app that makes running your business a joy, not a slog.

A Point-of-Sale with Integrated Double-Entry Bookkeeping

No more ramshackle integrations between your POS and bookkeeping software. The powerful accounting engine at Tebi’s core is directly integrated with the point-of-sale, saving time, money, and reducing the margin for error. Doing taxes has never been easier — or faster.

Multi-Ledger & Instant Syncing

Any change is instantly synced on all your devices, across all your locations. The head will always know what the tail is doing thanks to Tebi’s unique architecture. Avoid double orders or invoices without the need for an expensive, bulky server in your establishment.

Focus on Your Customers

Running a business involves doing lots of tedious tasks — but who wants to spend the weekend filing taxes? Tebi automates the most monotonous of tasks, so you can focus on being there for your customers.


Tebi One is all you need to run a small bar, restaurant or shop. Create invoices, send orders, take payments, print receipts and scan products—all from one app, running on one device. If you’d like to get notified when the Tebi One Beta Program kicks off, please send us a message.

Realtime Insights

Configure every aspect of your business and keep track of your sales as they happen, from wherever you happen to be. Access the back office from your front porch. Or from a hammock on the beach, in the shade, drinking something served in a coconut. (Just an idea.)

Hybrid Payments

Tebi allows you to accept payments in different currencies; great for events with a token system, or for shops close to country borders.

On the Horizon

We’re an ambitious bunch, and we’re planning to develop many more features. In the future, Tebi will include e-commerce, inventory management, reservations, and more.

Friends of Tebi

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