Release 0.65

Automatic Close of Business Day

We are getting rid of shifts in the Tebi app. This is being replaced by days that more accurately represent how you work. 

Where previously you managed shifts, the end of a business day (previously called a shift) will now be managed automatically by Tebi. You won’t need to take any actions like reviewing and resetting terminal totals or closing shifts. Your reports will be automatically generated at the end of your business day. You will also be able to see your sales performance during the day in real-time using the Day Overview.

If you have cash enabled as a payment method, under the Cash Management menu in the Tebi app, you can:

  • Cash Expenses: you can register those unexpected cash expenses while running operations
  • Cash Movements: you can register cash added and removed from the cash drawer
  • Cash Drawer: you can now count cash at the beginning, during, and at the end of each business day 
  • Cash Tips Payout: enables you to payout tips from the cash drawer

Read the Cash Management help article to discover this feature in detail.

Improved Sales

From Sales, you have access to all your sales and have the flexibility to operate your sale with different views. To switch between the sales list and floor plan, use the icons on the top-right corner of the Sales screen.

We have improved the navigation across business days. Your default view will be today as you land on the sales list. By tapping on ‘Today’ at the center-top of the screen, you will prompt a calendar and be able to select your preferred date.

We are introducing a new way to access and make corrections on a closed sale via tapping the three-dot icon. A corrected closed sale will show a pencil icon next to it.

New payment screen

We fixed several issues in the payment screen and updated the design. As a result, you can now edit the sale directly on the payment screen. 

We are also introducing QuickPay. 80% of your payments are with the same payment method – QuickPay is a shortcut to this frequently used payment method. Read the QuickPay help article to find out how to set this up.

In the app Preferences, you can now choose the receipt type after each payment: QR code or printed receipt.

Improved layout for Tebi back office

The Tebi back office has an improved look! We improved the navigation and the user interface to keep the experience consistent with the Tebi app.

Fixes & improvements

  • Fixed the issue of long detailed receipts when a discount was applied. If the discount is per sale, Tebi receipts will only show it once
  • Following last week’s Adyen outage, we released Ecom payments to enable you to prompt a QR code and let your customer pay with iDEAL. This feature needs fine-tuning, so please reach out if you would like to be an early tester
  • For faster operations and after much of your feedback, we removed the modal that asked for confirmation after each cash payment and after each card payment when done in manual mode
  • Fixed the log in on mobile: if you input the wrong credentials, you will have a visible error message
  • Fixed issues with cash expense type that were not showing all the details in the expense overview
  • Adding more articles and materials to our Tebi help center to better support your questions
  • Fixed minor UI issues across the app
  • Fixed a bug in the Tebi back office where the day overview wrongly showed the remaining days of the current month
  • Fixed a bug where in the current day viz in the Tebi back office, the amount would be reset to a zero value after midnight
  • Added a VAT 0% bracket to the Day report