Café Bakeliet x Tebi

On a gray November afternoon at our office, we had the pleasure of interviewing Demi Kortus, floor manager at the stylish Café Bakeliet — a bustling Rotterdam bar that serves a variety of cocktails and craft beers, delicious comfort food and even has an extensive collection of vinyl records on sale. We asked Demi how she and the Bakeliet staff are experiencing Tebi as early adopters.

“We have been using Tebi since the summer of 2022. Of course there are always some things that can be improved*, but in general I really like Tebi. It’s fast and it’s clear. That’s quite different from our old system.

At Café Bakeliet, a good time for bubbles is ‘always’.

“A great thing is that you can adjust everything on the order screen itself. You can change the layout of the products on the spot and you don’t have to go to a back office or anything.

“Closing a shift is also a real improvement; with our previous system we had to do everything by hand. We used to fill out a Microsoft Word document: which amounts had been registered by the payments terminals, how much cash is in the register? We’d then print out that document every night and put it in the safe with an envelope of cash. The accountant had to check everything at the end of the month, quite a job! With Tebi, you simply count the cash register, you enter it on the screen, and that’s it: the numbers are correct, a shift overview comes out the receipt printer, and you immediately know whether there is a cash difference, how big it is, and often also what could have caused it. Super efficient.

Handheld mode

“I’ve also had a sneak peak of the handheld mode in development at Tebi, and I can’t wait for it to be ready. When people are sitting on the terrace outside, you have to remember everything they ordered while you walk back. Sometimes you even have to return to a table because you forgot what was ordered. You could bring a notepad, but I think that’s a bit silly. 

“But, more importantly, handheld devices allow for a completely different team structure. You can have two people outside on the terrace, while a runner walks back and forth. Then you always have people ready for your guests, plus you have a much better overview of everything. That’s going to be really great for us.”

* Editorial note: We’ve also recorded Demi’s points of improvement, of course, but instead of mentioning them here, we’ll just fix them in the product and make Tebi even better. Mu ha ha ha! 😉