Release 0.58

Start selling from your mobile devices + some sales tweaks

We’ve rebuilt the Tebi mobile experience to make it simpler to take sales on your Android Adyen terminals. We’ve also modified the new sales screen as part of this update. Update today to receive the following on tablet and mobile:

  • A new design for tiles on The Grid to make it easier to read and understand at a glance
  • Switch between your floor plan and a list of sales depending on how you manage sales
  • Swipe across The Grid to quickly navigate through your product views 
  • For the fast tappers: you can now add a Search tile to The Grid to 

Run the Tebi app on your mobile devices and experience the improved sales experience. Set up The Grid and start ordering on the go! 

Improvements you won’t want to miss

The app has a new logo to match Tebi’s new brand – and more visual improvements will come! 

We noticed that merchants who take manual payments have it tougher when closing off a shift. To make this faster and more accurate, now, when you take a manual payment, simply select the payment terminal you are using and then process the payment on the terminal. 

We suggest using manual payments as a fallback option, as they can create discrepancies in your reporting. 

Fixes and improvements

  • We improved the shift flow thanks to your feedback on Shift Actions. We’ve renamed the menu item Shift Management to better reflect the feature. To make it faster for you to close a shift, all confirmation alert messages have been removed, and we have reduced the number of steps in the process. Plus:
    • We removed the tip step in the flow. If you operate with cash and payout the tips before cash counting, please ensure that the switch is on in Preferences in Settings. 
    • Printing the shift overview receipt is now optional and can be switched off by default (which means less paper waste). Go to Printing in Settings if you wish to print a receipt each time you close a shift.
  • We improved some of the transition animations in the app to give you a better sense of where you are in the app and which actions you are performing.