Release 0.57

New Sale screen

  • A new design to simplify adding and managing products in a sale
    • When using the floorplan, the button formerly known as ‘Submit’ will now show this icon
  • Tap a single sale line to increase or reduce amounts sold, add individual product modifiers, discounts, and notes
  • Select multiple sale lines to remove or apply discounts in bulk
  • Three ways to view what is happening in a sale:
    • Order view – helps you identify who ordered what (eg when taking orders from around a table), apply modifiers to a single sale line, and see rounds of orders over time
    • Summary view – groups together items in a sale, making it faster to tally up before payment
    • Logbook view – a timeline of a sale’s changes to help troubleshoot when things go wrong
  • Sort ordered products by newest or oldest first, depending on your preference
  • Hide the numeric keypad and only bring it up when adding many products to a sale at once
  • One place to add customer names, apply sale discounts, split sales and print receipts.

We recommend viewing the attached videos and sharing them with your staff before so as to be ready for these exciting changes.

Fixes and improvements

  • From today you will see an Update app button in the App menu as soon as a new release becomes available.
  • We improved the troubleshooting experience when you upload a product list via a spreadsheet. Now Tebi tells you specifically in which column you have made a mistake.
  • Improved visual feedback when your device is online. If your tablet is offline, the Status Bar–the top bar with the time on it–will turn red.