Release 0.61

Improved modifiers functionalities You can now add shortcuts to the product with the modifier of your choice. If you sell a single product (e.g., Cappuccino) with one or more modifiers (e.g., Oatmilk & Milk), this little improvement might come in handy. Additionally, you can add the same modifier options to multiple modifier groups assigned to […]

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Release 0.60

Sign in to Tebi via email address As of today, Jan 4th, you have a faster and more secure way to sign in to Tebi. You must use your owner’s email address, which is a Google account, and the associated password. If you run more than one business with Tebi, please consider that each business […]

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Release 0.59

New report: revenue by product category From today, a new report type is available: ‘Revenue by Product Category’. This report gives you an overview of the revenue per day clustered by product category with details on the gross & net prices and related VAT rates. This report might come in handy at the end of […]

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Release 0.58

Start selling from your mobile devices + some sales tweaks We’ve rebuilt the Tebi mobile experience to make it simpler to take sales on your Android Adyen terminals. We’ve also modified the new sales screen as part of this update. Update today to receive the following on tablet and mobile: Run the Tebi app on […]

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Release 0.57

New Sale screen We recommend viewing the attached videos and sharing them with your staff before so as to be ready for these exciting changes. Fixes and improvements […]

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