Introducing Tebi

It’s been more than two years since we devised this pretty crazy idea and named it “Tebi”. In that time, we’ve been busy developing the product in close cooperation with a number of local business owners, constantly adding new features while onboarding early access customers. Now seems the right time to proudly introduce the all […]

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Of Cards and Costs

In his second blog post, Arnout Schuijff talks about bringing enterprise price levels to small and independent businesses. Unfortunately, comparing prices isn’t always easy, specifically with the opaque and complex cost structure of credit card payments. He’ll do his absolute best to bring some clarity. For my friend Frits, owner of my local bar, keeping […]

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Of Locals and Ledgers

Every once in a while, someone from the Tebi team will write a blog in this space. In this first post, Tebi’s Junior Kotlin Developer (and CEO) Arnout Schuijff shares a personal account of his mission to help independent business owners. In 2012, I wrote a simple Point of Sale (POS) app for my friend […]

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